March 30, 2010

Shopping ain’t fun!

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Shopping for a sport is so wrong. Shopping is not fun, period.

After my pilates class last weekend, I decided to run some overdue errands. One of which requiring me to go buy myself a pair of a much needed pair of shoes, undergarments and then some.

Shopping for me is just a necessary evil as I don’t really enjoy shopping like any other normal women. Window shopping just to pass time or looking for unnecessary things to buy is just not my idea of fun or relaxation. I’d rather be doing something else rather than linger at shopping malls for hours looking for stuff I don’t need. Household items, bedsheets and books, are however, an exception in my books.

I like my shopping to be efficient; just zip in, get what I need and then zip out…and maybe , linger for just a tad longer to find things I might need (limited no more than less 20 minutes) before zipping out for good. That didn’t happen with shopping for my shoes though. I wasted more than 2 hours at Paragon thinking I could get what I want there; as logic has it, they would have a bigger selection of the stuff I might need.

My determination of finding some decent shoes after shuttling up and down between the basement and 3rd floor of massive Paragon Shopping Centre turned out to be futile, and, I literally gave up the idea of purchasing some undergarments after trying the 4th one that just didn’t fit good. I decided to KIV looking for undergarments for another time.

I was, however, determined to go get my shoes and be done with shopping for a while. So I gave up on Paragon after a quick lunch and hit Zen at Central World. What do you know! I was done in 15 minutes and managed to buy myself 2 pairs! Now, that’s what I call efficient use of time.

I felt pretty damn bummed having wasted more than 2 hours of my precious weekend in bloody Paragon! That could have meant an extra 2 hours of massage time! I wanted to smack myself silly for completely overlooking the thought of checking out Zen first!

At least, I got the shoes out of the way, Here’s my spotted-tried-and-bought- in-15-minutes-super-comfy new shoes ready for action:

Note that I didn’t say anything about them being nice-looking , sexy shoes. The operative word here is SUPER. COMFY. And, I’m sure my feet will thank me for it. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    Well linda does shopping like its the Olympics 😉

  2. Vicky

    Was the ‘arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh’ cos the shoes don’t fit anymore? 😉

    The gold ones has heels??? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk1

    Don’t worry Silver Bullet will be back soon 😉

  3. haaa haaa! hee..heee.not gold. BRONZE! :p with just a little bit of heels for support. ;D


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