February 28, 2010

Selfish Assholes

Category: Thaism

People can be so selfish sometimes and I am appalled at some of the behaviours I’m seeing on my way to work. Last Friday seemed to be the d-day where the general population of Thailand decided to display some sort of contempt for their existence.

In the morning, some idiot of a moron decided that just because he is much taller than me, he could just elbow his way in to my narrow path and in the process, shoved me aside. No excuse me, no I’m sorry. He literally just winged his way and squeezed himself right next to me without giving a second thought that I’m carrying a load of a weight with my laptop and all. While I was cursing and gave out a loud “tch”, he walked off looking out to the world with his head held high. I hope he trips over his own feet and fall flat on his face as he tries to go down the stairs!

Then there’s this bunch of moronic elevator users who just are out for themselves and would not even hold out the elevator door for those who ran the last 50 centimeter to get in. They would rather look at the floor, or the ceiling or even worse, stare at themselves on the mirror to make sure that their hair and their faces are still in place! I hope one of these days, they would make a grand entrance into the elevator by tripping themselves and stumbling across the other end of the elevator as they try to get in!

A sheer selfish attitude stood out again as I made my way from my office to go to a meeting room on the 24th floor. I was carrying a lot of stuff and hardly had any more hands to push the lift button. I thought a kind soul hanging about the elevator area would at least try to hold the lift door for me as I walked into the elevator. That was not to be the case as that one lady who actually saw me fiddling about, decided to look right through me and focused her attention on the windows and into nothingness. I had to use my elbow to hold the lift door for myself. All she did was look at me, without as much as batting an eyelid or have the courtesy to press the lift button or the door for me! Some people I tell you!.

Their behaviours irked me to bits. I just cannot imagine how inconsiderate and selfish some people can be.

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  1. Kim

    Great day you were having there eh? 😉
    You KNOW I’d happily kick their T**i butts for you. For a nation of face-savers who act nice, it didn’t seem to apply when it comes to lifts…

  2. lifts, cutting queue,stealing cabs, driving — just to name a few mainly from personal experience.


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