March 7, 2015

On the Road: Budapest, Hungary

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Of all the things I intended to do while in the plane bound for Budapest, Hungary, I only managed to do one thing: I slept!

I mostly slept on my 6.5 hours flight from Bangkok to Dubai and after a 3.5 hour of transit time in the very crowded Dubai Airport, I literally snoozed away again the moment I parked my ass on my seat on the 6+ hour leg to Budapest. I was so exhausted that I wasn’t even acutely aware that the plane was grounded on the tarmac for quite a while and was delayed for more than an hour as they apparently had to fix the in-flight entertainment system before taking off.

Flight time under 7 hours with 2 square meals served in between had meant that my sleep on the plane was mainly broken sleep, making the overall journey even more taxing. Especially so when we landed slightly past mid-day and had to force ourselves to go through the rest of the afternoon without any naps so as to sync-up our body clock with the new time zone.

In a way, that had worked well as we managed to see just a little bit of Budapest within the hotel’s vicinity prior to the start of the conference the next day.

But I could barely function. My eyes were heavy and I felt sluggish. Forcing ourselves to walk around in temperatures below 6 degrees Celsius in wide open spaces made it that much harder to push through the rest of the day. By the time we had dinner, I was completely knackered…my entire face almost nodded off into my goulash.

My brains had ceased to cooperate and I could no longer reel myself to reach out for my laptop while I laid motionless on the other side of the really soft, comfy bed when I returned to my hotel room.  All hopes and good intention to either read or blog went down the drain.

It was lights-out before 8.30 pm.

I woke up to a scenery of serendipity from my window as the dawn started to break before 5.30 a.m with the first light of the day.

This was to be the view for a good 4 days from my room the moment I get out of bed.



The last few days had been pretty intense. But, life’s good and I can’t complain!


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  1. Gen

    That sounds moderately hectic but glad you slept well on your first night in Budapest. How was the food at your hotel? Have you had any interesting meals? Hope you’re not too buggered from travelling and crossing time zones!

    • Ohhhh!! Food’s awesome. 😀 I’ve been eating waaaaay too much. Detrimental to my waist-line. Crossing time zone is just a pain in the ass! I’lll have to suck it up in the next few days.


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