January 13, 2012

Quote of the day

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“The truth about cussing: It is best delivered in Hokkien.” © TM
– The Sleeping Dragon.

Yes, I came up with that . Or maybe someone else has already came out with it and I just didn’t know. But, really – I DID come up with that quote. It came to me like a a divine revelation.  Seriously. No kidding.

And I figured, it sounds pretty cool to have it on my blog after posting it up as my status update.

What sparked it was an incident that happened at work which got me all worked up. While I tried to contain my emotions and tried to remain stoically professional during the meeting, I let it rip out loud when I got to the toilet the moment I walked out of the conference room. No one else was in the toilet at that time, and even if there were, they will not have a clue as to what I was saying.

Which makes it even sweeter.

[The details of what sparked is not for public knowledge, and that is not the main subject I want unleash in this post]

Now. I hardly lash out profanities in Hokkien. It has been ages since I did that, and if I DO do it, it really does mean that I am absolutely livid.  And boy! I was beyond livid.

Somehow that incident at work brought out the inner “lian” in me  – the Ah-Lian which has been pretty dormant for a very long time. I actually surprised myself with what I let rip; so surprised that I forgot how fluent I can be in Hokkien.

The words, when strung together, can be so very potent and I actually surprised myself  at the impact it had to my own ears right after those flowery words came out of my mouth! The “delivery” was impeccable. So “shiong” that I believe The Ah-Bengs (i.e male version of the lians) will be so proud of me. 

It felt good to let it rip though. And if you know Hokkien, that quote really does sum it all out.  I am just shamelessly TM-ing the quote 🙂

The not so vulgar Hokkien. Image courtesy of Google Images

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