December 29, 2016


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Hmmmm….it has been for quite a while now that I have noticed that I no longer receive pingbacks. While I know it is a recurring issue and had happened before, I think this is the longest period of no pingbacks.

Maybe there really has not been any pingbacks or trackbacks, but I know for sure that several bloggers have left me a trail. But unfortunately, unless I go to their blogs individually, I would never have known of any mentioned. Nope. Nothing in my junk except junks.

So, for those who has left me a trail and I have not got back to you, it’s not because I’ve got my nose up in the air. With less than 240 followers and they are dropping off like flies of late, I’ve really got no reason to ignore you. Rather, I blame it on the darn pingbacks which have failed to work on numerous times.

So if you could be so very kind my dear friends, please do drop me a note if you do link up your post to me. Or I’ll be that deer with the headlights who hasn’t got a clue as to what is going on. 

On that note, I did a little sleuthing on on wordpress forum. One of the WP staff mentioned about pingbacks not working could be due to the user who is linking to your (my)blog has the send and receive pingback/trackbacks disabled. That seem to be the reason why that you are (I am) not receiving any notifications when they (you) link to your (my) blog. 

I’ve checked mine….and just to be sure, can you check yours, too?

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  1. You should have gotten some pingback love from me on this post: Happy Holidays Ann and Have a wonderful happy, healthy and prosperous 2017 filled with love! <3

    • You know, Lisa….I didn’t!! Sheesh! Those darn pingbacks. You too, Lisa…it’s only been 5 days into 2017..LOL!

  2. I sleuthed as well, and we should be good. I know this a a bigger problem then ours, as I stumble upon places where my blog happily appears, yet I had no way of knowing short of chance and a deep need to read!

  3. Pingbacks are a sticky subject. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Sorry to hear yours aren’t working at all. Another tip is that they don’t work if they link to your homepage. To receive a pingback a link needs to link directly to a specific post.

    • It’s the sometimes thing that makes me wonder…I mean…whyyyy…what could have been done? I’ve read your tip on linking directly to a specific post before and since then I made sure mine is always linked to a post. Sometimes I wonder if that somehow sometimes disappear.

  4. It could also be the case that people link to your homepage and therefor you don’t get pingbacks… you will need to link to a page or a post in order to create a pingback. I will let you know when I share a post or a link to your post. It will come up in the next Picks Of The Week (next Sat), so keep an eye out…

    Happy New Year xoxo

    • I thought that was the case too…but sometimes, no. And if you did do a link (I haven;t come round to reading blogs yet this year), nope..I did not get any. :/

      Quite out of wits on this pingback thing…


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