September 7, 2010

One Month

What do you know! Spud’s officially one month old today. One frigging month to the T. Which means we have not screwed up so bad after all this while. Phew! We made it (so far!). Only 18 years more to go…

To date she has put on an additional 1 kg which brings her total weight to 4.2 kg. She’s got quite a kahuna of a lung capacity this girl; even the cats make sure that they are out of earshot the moment she starts wailing.

The most distinctive feature at this point is her super funky hairstyle. If the hair on the sides grow long enough, I reckon there’s a chance that I can just flip over her hair from one side to the other to cover that bald patch. Perhaps, the parting can be adjusted to start right on the side of her head, just a few inches above her ear. Bwahahhahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaa!

Okay. I admit the above is not a very flattering picture. But she’s a baby and she does not know any better. :p (I swear she’ll hate me for this). I’ll make up with some other better pictures later.

Her funky hair-do really put me in stitches, I tell you. However, on the hind side, I’ll be worried for her if that receding hairline is not filled up in the years to come…What’s a girl to do?!

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  1. Funky hair indeed.
    Don’t worry. That receding hairline fills up within months. When I look back at Thomas’ photos from birth, I can’t believe how bald he was!!! Not a pretty sight at all!

  2. Rach, to me a bald guy is sexy!!A guy with receding hairline, still acceptable. But for a girl though…yikes!! :p


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