September 21, 2012

My UV Brolly

The weather has been a little more than wonky these days as we have been experiencing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms for days on end. It is now getting a little bit hard to be able to leave the office and get home in time before the assault of the rain. The rain seemed to be pouring at the most inconvenient time – such as when you are just about to leave the office building!

I did not have a brolly with me when that happened recently, and I found myself to be searching for one frantically just as I was about to make an exit out of the building. It was such a hassle to retrace my steps back to the office to ask my colleagues for one, so I ended up scouring the shops at the basement in search for one.

Fortunately for me, I found the one and only umbrella there was in a small shop – all for 200 freaking baht!  When I was about to pay for it, she smiled her megawatt smile with a parting shot of, “This (umbrella) is really good. It’s colourful and has got UV Protection.”

Faking a smile from ear to ear, I said thank you, but erm…no. I think I need it more for the pissing rain as oppose to needing UV protection in this weather…?

I wondered if she realized what the weather outside had been like. In fact, I am not sure if she realised that the reason for me buying a brolly was not because of some silly UVs protection while it was pouring. I walked away, rolling eyeballs to the back of my head. I wanted to poke her eyes with the pointy thing at the end of the brolly for selling me a very over-priced umbrella.

So here’s my 200 Baht colourful brolly with UV protection:

Not the prettiest brolly I have ever invested in a jiffy, and by the looks of it, I figured the shop keeper probably got the brolly as a premium for one of the products she was selling. Perhaps being the ever opportunist, I was not surprised that she’d rather be selling it to an idiot like me who desperately was needing a brolly at that time.
It must be her easiest sales pitch ever. Whatever it was, I am sure she had the last laugh with my 200 Baht.

Only in Thailand.

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