August 28, 2012

Leaf Scorpion Fish

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This is one of the most bizarre, but cool looking fish I have ever seen in my entire life. I was so intrigued by their features that I just had to get a few snapshots of them while on a Mommy-time with excursion with Spud to Siam Ocean World recently.

Their bodies are flat, very leaf-like and quite transparent. Quite hard to make them out until you spot their eyes – which makes them look rather bizarre!
Leaf Scorpion Fish
Weedy Scorpion Fish

Also known as the Paper Fish, the Leaf Scopion Fish is one of the smallest members of the Scorpion fish family. They come in lots of colours and often have blotches, which enhance their camouflage.
They have venomous stinging spines. They are known to be a master of disguise as they imitate a leaf or seaweed moving in the water current by rocking themselves from side-to-side. They also shed their skin and are known to change colours.
They were so fascinating to watch that I could stare at them for ages! 
My inner child thought that this was an interesting find. It was quite cool to share this with Spud and telling her all about it.

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