January 5, 2016

When Kids Get Too Happy

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We have very happy kids and we are happy that our kids are happy. It’s a good thing, I know and it is every parent’s dream that their kids turn out to be the happiest one on the block. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s THE one most greatest thing any parents could have.

Both Spud and Squirt get along pretty well with each other. It’s a joy to see them giggling, smiling and laughing together all the time. Like all siblings, they have their moments when they bicker and get on each other’s nerves. That happens and that is OK. They just have to learn to sort it out.

Otherwise, they play together a lot and, when they play, THEY.PLAY. They go all out with it – screaming (from joy), screeching (from being over-excited), guffawing (from being too tickled with whatever they are doing at that point in time) and chasing, running, teasing, poking, making faces at each other, mooning (yes they now have started to moon each other and “butt” is a very funny word), pulling each other around like there is no tomorrow.


Be it at home or public places, they get loud. VERY.LOUD. We can’t even hear ourselves think.

Sometimes we ignore them, because, you know, they are just being kids and we have to remain “zen”. Sometimes after 10  minutes of trying to stay zen and calmly reminding them to calm down we just.have.to.scream, because, you know, it is the only we way we can get through them. 

It gets quite manic when we are in the car (distracting!) and especially in public places (embarrassing!) because it would seem that we can’t discipline our kids well enough or we, the parents in question fail to control ourselves in public. Asking them nicely to calm down a thousand times over rarely work because, you know, as far as they are concerned, they are having fun.

They are happy kids. Sometimes, too damn fucking happy.  

And when they get too happy, they get deliriously out of control and too rambunctious for my liking.  We just know how it ends; we are psychic that way. Often, after all the euphoric mayhem, someone or both would end up crying because, well, you know, they have accidentally hurt each other from all that crazy, rough playing. 

If you read my recent How We Roll and The Morning After post, you’d probably remember that I mentioned something about an emergency visit to the dentist. It was a result of a rough playing incident accident from the day earlier where Squirt managed to loosen one of Spud’s bottom tooth by yanking a book out of her mouth.

Spud retold the story to me that she has apparently tried to amuse Squirt and make him laugh by putting the protruding eyeballs of the frog book in her mouth.

Sweet. But stupid.

Squirt, in his excitement, thought it would be funny to yank it out of her mouth. HARD.

The story went that as he yanked it out hard, the eye that was attached to the cloth got stuck in her bottom teeth. Ouch. Here’s the frog book in question – 2nd from the top. You would think it’s harmless.

20151231_191310 - Copy

I didn’t see any of it when it happened, but I did hear the screams thereafter whilst I was busy in the kitchen. I chose to ignore the crying as Silver Bullet took over. No one was bleeding to death and in my mind, it’s a classic case of ” I told you so. You deserve it!”

Spud’s been complaining of pain since it happened, and it continued on till the morning after NYE. She complained and grimaced every time she tries to eat. She whined of a terrible toothache, a loosening tooth and a slight headache.

Recalling the incident I heard from the day before, I was a little worried that her tooth might be broken in the wrong places and may need a root canal. When it comes to kids and toothache, I don’t like to hear “headache”. If you have done a root canal before, you’d know how painful that could be.

With Spud keeping up her incessant complaints, I got worried that something serious was going on. That would suck. So off to the dentist we went. It was not part of our plan for the day, but it had to be done. 

Her tooth had to be x-rayed. We were relieved to see that nothing major had happened and there was only just a slight inflammation; thanks to her little brother’s yanking. In fact, the x-ray showed that 2 new teeth are about to come out. 

20160101_122545 - Copy

It will be a matter of time before she would lose her first tooth. No medication was needed. 

Right. Already.I guess Squirt has “helped” along to accelerate the process.

I’m hearing no end of Spud’s “loose tooth” complains. Funnily enough, 2 hours and 1,300 baht later, the complains of “pain” has since ceased right after the dentist’s visit. Funny that!  How is it that the moment you fork out money, the pain is all gone. It’s a miracle! *gasp*

With happy kids such as ours, I guess there could never be a dull day.  Like I said, we are grateful and happy that our kids are happy. Just that, they can be too happy and I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing of being too happy.

Tell me this is normal.

Or, perhaps,  just a genetic mutation or a yet-to-be-diagnosed pandemic called the kookyanusgigglytitis** ; otherwise termed as what I would call as, you know,  the acute itchy butt syndrome. 


** completely made-up.

P.S: The excessively irrelevant use of you knows was deliberate. You know, just to make the point. Partly was also because I happened to be having  a chat with someone today who used you know in every 3rd word of his sentence in various different tones and expressions. If you think about it, that’s pretty interesting, you knowww! I guess, you know, that kind of stuck.  And yoooouuuu knoooww that I just can’t help but to have to pass it on to you. You know?

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  1. It is an adventure!

    • Isn’t it great to be kids? You get to annoy the parents all the time and still get away with it! LOL.

  2. SO funny! Not the pain of the Princess, poor thing, but the way you describe it all ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel at home! So far: one front tooth broken (on Mr Attila) and one nail lost in the battle (his sister). But they love each other so much that they were genuinely wondering an hour later why I was still mad at them.
    So yes, we ignore (their father’s speciality), we shout (guess who?), but most of all we laugh and we pray to keep some sanity .. Big big hugs to your lovely kung fu masters, they are adorable and you are indeed a rocking Mum <3

    • It’s a madhouse, I tell you! You know what THAT’s like. I remember your story about the broken front too…kids! Marcel’s always the zen one; I need some of his specialty serum; and I think between us, you are probably more patient with the kids then I do. They’ll drive me insane until they get out of the house. Yeah..still annoyingly adorable…! LOL.

  3. Great post. I was like, you know, totally, you know. taken with the scene. Reminded me of my youngsters which, you know is as if I was you know reliving the experience. Quite surreal, you know.

    • Thanks, John! You know, I do appreciate you leaving a comment. It’s awesome, you know, to read comments like this and I know you know! LOL.
      I was actually wondering if anyone is going to do the “you know” with commenting. Splendid! Hehehee!

  4. My dad used to warn us, “Somebody’s gonna lose an eye!”

  5. El

    Ouch, dentist and teeth….Luckily all’s well. Kids will be kids. My two boys play really rough and loud too and I usually leave them be with a warning, “you get what you get!”. I think the more I say anything, it would seem they get louder. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    • Typical kids. With 2 boys, it’s a better excuse to play rough. These kids of ours…sigh! It’s true though, the more you say, the more they ignore you. Darn kids. Where would we be without them! Thanks for stopping by, El! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wow how cool you managed to get a picture of that x-ray! This is the reason I didn’t want 2 kids close in age. Me and my brother were close in age and it was great because we always had someone to play with but as we grew older, we did fight and argue a lot, right up until high-school age! No thanks! lol. My boys are 7 and 10 months and they can make noise. My 7 year old just mimics all my younger sons crying, which he does a lot! and the noise is unbearable, I end up shouting like a manic, my new neighbours have just moved in and must think we’re the crazy family lol #abitofeverything
    Pauline x

    • 7 and 10 months? WOW! That’s quite a gap. I’m the opposite – me and brother are 5 years apart and I thought it might have been better if our age gap had been closer. We used to fight A LOT even at that age gap. He thinks I;m bossy and I thought he’s just being a spoilt ass. There’s an upside to having that gap – at least the older one can help out.

      I was surprise too when the dentist allowed for me to take a picture – but I had an excuse: my husband is not around and I just want to have the image to be able to explain to him what happened. :p

      Thanks for stopping by, Pauline!

  7. Life can be quite exciting with little ones! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!


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