January 22, 2018

Kids’ Chatter

Category: Critter Stories

You know what they say about the most honest people in the world, don’t you? Brutal-straight-to-the-point honesty where you don’t get any chance at all to inflate your ego.  

Let me share a little snippet of a conversation at dinner between my 2 little critters once upon an evening:

Spud: Mama you are the best cook in the world!

Squirt, quickly interjecting: You don’t know that!

Spud: I know that. Mama cooks the nicest food.

Squirt: No, no. You really don’t know that for sure.

Me, feeling amused: Oh? Why do you say that Squirt? Why do you say that your sister don’t know for sure? 

Squirt: Because…(letting out a big sigh)…because Mama, there is everyone else who cooks. There are aaaallll these OTHER (hands in the air gesture, eyes wider than his mouth expression) people she has not tried. There could be OTHER best cooks. 

Spud, pouting: Hmmmph! I like Mama’s cooking. It’s good enough for me. (pout-don’t-you-dare-defy-pout)

Me? I had to laugh; leaving the kids confused as to why I found the whole conversation hilarious. While Spud’s reaction was endearing, I had not expected such a logical, matter-of-fact response from a 5-year-old which I could not disagree with.

What can I say. He was absolutely spot-on. 

Was I disappointed? Of course not! OK, OK. Just a tiny little bit hurt. I mean, I really thought I was the best cook in the world.What gives?! My stomach hurt from the laughter and of course “there are aaaaaalllll these OTHER people”. 

Oh boy. 

It wasn’t long before I had to prevent the fight from escalating further between the two. In a matter of seconds, restoring peace and quiet we had at the start of the dinner earlier with some lovely, nicest home-made food then became mission critical.

Then again, we wouldn’t know that for sure too, would we? Because… there are aaaaaalllll these OTHER things!

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  1. Trina

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I am the best cook in the world, cause my 5 year old says so. He is not as logical as yours

    • Hahhahahah! That’s a very smart 5 year old I’d say. He’d better say you are the best cook or he’ll never eat again. :p

  2. That is pretty amazing statement form a 5-yo. Makes you wonder how that logic will influence his career choice later on. Will he become a judge? Facts first, then we’ll decide, LOL.
    But how awesome is that compliment to your cooking, when kids usually don’t like anything but fast food? You’re one lucky mama.

    • Well…he seems to make up his mind to be a race car driver. He doesn’t know which one is the fastest so he’ll be wanting to try them all. LOL. It makes my heart palpitates if ever makes it to be the next Schumacher!
      Oh Jas! I must say that I can’t complain. I feel really very blessed that the little imps are quite adventurous with food. They will try everything at least twice before they say they like them or not. Sometimes I do have to bribe them with ice-cream or candies just to make them try once (or twice). Hehehhehe. But it’s all worth it! I love it that they like food. 😀

  3. I once heard the quote: If a guy tells you you’re fat, he’s an ass. If a woman tells you you’re fat, she’s a b***ch. If a kid tells you you’re fat, you’re fat. Kids know how to be honest! Unless they’re trying to stay out of trouble.

    • they learn pretty fast, those kids. Especially when they want to stay out of trouble. Shame that they’ll one day lose their innocence!

  4. Robbie Cheadle

    Brilliant, Ann, from the mounts of babes.


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