July 27, 2010


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This was really one of the more original and captivating movies I have ever seen. Inception is so insanely brilliant that I was literally glued to the cinema seat right from the start to the very end. I was left awestruck at the end of the movie; overwhelmed, yet intrigued with appreciation by the multi-layered plots that were so cleverly portrayed.

On the onset, the entire movie seemed like a simple plot of meddling with people’s mind by entering their dreams. However, as you got deeper into the realms of the movie, the entire plot was nothing but a complex architecture of the sub-conscious mind. The intricacies of the movie was nerve-wrecking, yet I was so engrossed in its complexities that I cannot stop thinking about bits and pieces of the movie long after it ended. The layers were deep as one battles with being conscious within the sub-conscious mind hence opening up the possibilities of alternate realities, convolution beyond the conscious mind to grasp and most importantly, of the power of imagination to eventually question what was real and what was make-believe.

Reminds me of a song called “Sweat”  from the band, Tool:

“Seems like I’ve been here before.
Seems so familiar.
Seems like I’m slipping into a dream within a dream.
It’s the way you whisper.
Drag me under.
Takes me whole.”

I must say though, I have started to warm up to Leonardo Di Caprio from the more recent movies in the last few years like  Catch Me if You Can, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, even Revolutionary Road;  and most recently, this. I truly hated him in Titanic and The Beach to name a few of his earlier stint, and just refused to watch any of his movies thereafter. For now,I think he has, in my books,  nicely redeemed himself.

This is one movie I’ll definitely watch all over again, just as intensely as well and probably a few times more. The casting were great and in my mind, it truly is one hell of a masterpiece. Cast aside any biasness or prejudice that you may have towards Leonardo before, for,  I highly recommend this movie simply because it engages the mind in a brilliant way.

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