August 6, 2010

Foot on boobs

There will always be something to gripe about when you get foot massages from one of those run-of-mills shops along the streets of Bangkok. As always, I will always almost go back to the same place if I have had a good foot massage experience before. A good foot massage is pretty much dependent on the masseuse that you get, rather than the establishment itself; like a luck of draw if you will. And as always, I would secretly hope that the same person who did my foot before will still be there for a repeat performance.

Given the distance of Dr. Feet and the insane traffic I would have to negotiate through to get there, I decided to go to one nearer to home.

The foot massage was , at best mediocre. But, what turned me off more was the fact that she kept resting each of my foot on her boobies every time she gave me a rub. And every time she did that, I had to inch my foot ever so slightly AWAY from the dreaded boobs. It’s like a mental tug of war…both of us pulling in opposite directions. I’m somewhat certain that it was probably an unconscious act on her part, but still! It doesn’t mean I enjoy it. Hell! It literally was yukky-yuk-yuk for me.

I really DO.NOT.LIKE. that soft booby feeling underneath my feet and neither do I get any pleasure from it.  I really just wish they would keep my feet AWAY from their boobies, thank you very much.

The dreaded thing about it is the fact that I was acutely conscious of it that I can’t even relax and take a nap! Goddammit, just keep your boobies away from my feet, will you? Disgusting, know?!

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  1. Vicky

    Oooo … won’t the men like that! 😉

    Yah. Can’t relax. Spoil the whole experience. Plus wasted $.

    Can’t u request for the same masseuse?

  2. Kim

    I can’t even start to imagine why and how she would do that.

    You sure you didn’t read the fine print before you step into the establishment? Coz I have heard whispers of establishments which provide “erotic massages”. Usually to male clienteles of course. =D

    These establishments’ specialty is well, using boobies as an additional massage “tool” besides the hands… Sounds like what you got. Hehehe


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