May 8, 2017

Eavesdropping Spud: It’s Not Real!

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Sometimes when I get on a chatter mode with my kids, I tend to have the tendency to spin my stories. Not spinning as in lying outright in the most horrible way. Rather, I spin my stories such that they sound utterly bizarre or just too nonsensical for anyone to take me too seriously.

I love messing around with their heads. I call that a part of creative process to think out of the box. Try it. It’s fun!

Most of the time I make them laugh at the absurdity of the tale I spun when they caught on. Sometimes they can’t help but to (skeptically) believe me as I tell the stories or reason out with such a straight face that they’d have no choice but to believe me.  

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Except for that one time recently.

It was just the 3 of us –  Spud, Squirt and me – freezing our butt off from the wind as we waited on the platform while waiting for the train to come. At times like that, the kids would always ask questions and often, my answers would turn into a rather amusing and utterly convoluted story line.

This time, one of them was asking about the train that just pulled up.

In the mood to mess up with their heads (and having nothing better to do), I then explained on how there are actually little fairies pulling the trains. I told them that these fairies were almost invisible, tucked away all over the train holding their tiny little strings made of spiderwebs so the train could move.

I basically went on non-stop and went on to tell them that to make the train run faster, the fairies blow rainbow dusts. I then continued on and on and on for several minutes more and in between, the kids smiled and laughed heartily along.

I had Squirt as my captivated audience alright; he was definitely listening attentively. I almost thought they fell for it. And as the kids laughed and laughed and laughed, Spud then remarked: Oh mamaaaa! It’s not real!”

Me: Oh? Why not? I bet you that if you look closely and real close when we get on the train, you’ll be able to see them. You know, like Tinkerbell. 

Spud: Mamaaaaa…(paused and squinted her eyes as if she was putting on her thinking cap). It’s not real. (then she quickly added) But it makes a very nice story!

I had to laugh at that. She saw through me but dammit! A 6.5 year old kid is almost doing her eyeball-rolling on me! Geez kiddo!

Looks like I’m about to lose my mommy coolness factor soon. Sheesh! What does it take for a mother to impress their kids these days!?

What about you dear readers? Got any bizarre, over-the-top stories you spin to/and/with your kids? What do you think is perceived as parents’ coolness or uncoolness in the eyes of your kids? When do you stop become uncool to your kids? Link up your stories to this post when you write about it and I’ll share your stories along!

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  1. That’s so cute! Kids are too smart these days, it’s so hard to fool them 🙂

  2. I beg to differ. I think Spud was seriously impressed with your story telling skills. I do this with my kids too. They asked why it was windy. I told them because the trees are sneezing. I also created a story about Grass Goblins and Bumble Bees and the war they raged in our yard over dandelions.

    • Hahahhahahha! I’ll remember that for sure: Trees sneezing! How novel! Each time the wind comes I’ll definitely think of your sneezing tress story. Super cool. Now I’ll have to find the opportune time to tell my kids your story. 😀 You need to write and publish kids’ books pronto!


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