August 13, 2010

Discharged alas!

Category: Baby Milestones

I was finally discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon after spending 6 days and 6 nights at The Bum, following Spud’s delivery last week. It now seemed like ages ago since I experienced The Contractions.

It feels great to finally breakaway from the hospital. Whoever said that hospital is a conducive place to recuperate is probably deluded; since there was always some kind of interruptions while you are trying to rest. From cleaning ladies, to the nurses who checks on the hourly blood pressures, the customer service staff asking for feedback, the staff who delivers your food, the doctor’s visit, the paediatrician’s visit, a call from the nursery etc. You get my drift.  Add those to a very unpleasant, slow and painful recovery from a c-section and you get a grumpy ole me who was at her hormonal peak! 

I felt a sense of strangeness as the hospital staff wheeled me off to the lobby, as another staff from the nursery carried Spud in her arms for me. Out of nowhere, I had a huge lump in my throat as I saw Silver Bullet pulled out at the lobby to receive us. It all felt so surreal as I played out the events from previous days in my head while trying to control the tears from rolling out of my eyes.

We drove home with Creed incidentally playing in the car. As soon as “With Arms Wide Open” came on air, both Silver Bullet and I looked at each other with this really strange-looking expression on our faces, our hearts filled with relief and adoration for each other; while being consciously aware of the new addition who I was carefully cradling in my arms. That moment in time had me bursting in tears  immediately. Hormones, I tell you! At the same moment, I thought I saw Silver Bullet swallowed his throat hard. He was nicely shielded by his dark sunglasses and seconds later, I heard him sniffled as he took out his sunglasses for a bit.  Beneath that were a pair of red eyes, accompanied by a grinning, smiley face!

And I thought I was the hormonal one.

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