February 26, 2014

Chased out of bed

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When I wrote about how much I cherished my nightly chats with my 3 year old not too long ago, I honestly didn’t think that this nightly ritual was going to end anytime soon.

Apparently, I had jinxed that because several days after that post went up, Spud suddenly has a change of heart about the whole nightly chat ritual. In fact, I was the one who was in for an unexpected surprise,  for when I asked her if she wanted to chat a little after I finished reading her a story, she confidently went, “ No, Mama. Talk enough. Time to sleep now.”

Me(completely taken by surprise at the response): What? Why? I want to have a chat with you. I miss you.

Spud: No, Mama. Maybe not tonight. I’m tired.

Oh dear. My child said no to our favourite time of the day (or at least I thought so!). I didn’t think this was going to come so soon. I would have thought I at least still have another 12 years before she chases me away from her bed. Ouch.

I then teased her that with, “ It’s OK, we don’t have to chat. Instead, perhaps you would prefer that I just lie down next to you and you can fall asleep?”.  Just as quickly, Spud  sat up right after I suggested that and  reminded me that I have my own bed which I could sleep in. I cannot sleep in her bed because it is for her only.

Hmmmm. Tough cookie, this one.

So I smiled. Told her it’s OK , asked for a hug, gave her a kiss, said goodnight , ruffled her hair and told her that I love her . She replied with a “I Love you very much, too, Mama. I love you very much!”

A statement enough to melt my heart away.

As I closed the door behind me, and suddenly, I realized that it was me who felt quite disappointed that she did not want a chat that night (a  several nights later!)

I am hoping that this was just one of her get-back –at-me-phase. Alright, kiddo. I get it. Now can we please just chat? Only 5 minutes.

Putting her little toys to bed

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