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Shoes Off, Please.

If you are Asian or once-an-expat originating mainly from non-Asian countries who has lived part of your life in Asia before, you’d be very familiar with the cardinal rule of NO shoes allowed IN the house. That

The Long and Short of Things

Everything I have lived by when it comes to meal times, bedtime, candies, chocolates and french fries for the kids have, by now, gone out of the window.  Not entirely, but almost. I wonder how long more

The Brown Boxes Unloaded

2 months ago, I was stressing about having to pack when the brown boxes from the movers came in. Exactly a week later from that, they came, they raided, they packed and they hauled all 77 packed boxes

Eid Mubarak 2016

Another day, another year as Muslims all around the world celebrate the start of a brand new month Syawal, with the end of the month-long fast during Ramadhan. Like the previous years, we would always be back in

Pockets of Time

It’s almost the end of spring and summer is round the corner. While the Dutch weather has been nothing but unpredictable with the typical rain and clouds on some days, the weather here has otherwise been mostly