Baby Milestones Archive

15 months

As Squirt is getting more proficient at picking up speed while walking, climbing over furniture and into toy boxes as well as pulling, grabbing to sticking his fingers into anything that he is not supposed to, I

Babies and cardboard boxes

Letting a baby sleep in cardboard boxes as their first bed is not something I have heard of in this part of the world. And granted, if I take that statement at face value, it almost sounds

Making poo

Squirt has just been supremely hyper – he is mobile, he is energetic and he is quick! He perspires a lot as he is constantly on the move, and hardly ever takes a break when he gets

My favourite boys

Looking through some random and candid shots from several months ago, I found a bunch of pictures of Silver Bullet and Squirt which I thought are worth posting. They are, after all, pictures of my two very

Our claim to fame

This is a little bit of an overdue news, really. Not quite a claim to fame in a big way, but heck! we were featured in the November Issue of Bambi (Bangkok Mothers and Babies International) magazine!