September 1, 2013

15 months

Category: Baby Milestones

As Squirt is getting more proficient at picking up speed while walking, climbing over furniture and into toy boxes as well as pulling, grabbing to sticking his fingers into anything that he is not supposed to, I sometimes wish for a spare set of eyes at the back of my head.  In fact, I sometimes wish my limbs could transform to that of Inspector Gadget’s just so that I could intervene in time from wherever I am in the house to save him from himself.

Squirt is vocal, quick, agile, and he is determined to get what he wants.  Nothing escapes him; every drawer needs to be opened and inspected, every buttons needs to be turned and pushed, and any small objects found on the floor needs to be stuffed into his mouth. He has been quite a handful and just minding him for a few hours can be extremely exhausting. It is of no surprise that I have been coming home to a very weary-looking nanny of late who spends most her day running after him and making sure that he doesn’t get his tiny little body into trouble.

He recently made me rake up a bill of more than 23,000 THB (>700 USD) for the repair of my precious watch. He had somehow managed to get his hands on my not-so-cheap watch when we were in Singapore and had callously dropped it on the floor, causing a huge chip of the crystal glass cover. I then had absent-mindedly wore it into the pool and then it was history. Oh! Not to mention that he had also callously dropped my jade bracelet which broke into 3 pieces some months ago (my fault! what was I thinking giving him my bracelet!). I am contemplating to take the costs of repair from his savings…

Despite being such a busy 15-month old, Squirt is still that happy, smiley and affectionate little boy. He laughs heartily and will always, always give us a big, fat grin when we open the door to his room every morning. He is our little Mr. Happy-go-lucky and does not fuss too much. He does have his cranky moments especially when he is over-tired, but they tend not to last for too long or be much of a drama.

Squirt certainly has a very different temperament from his sister and both me and Silver Bullet had quipped before that if we have had Squirt first, having Spud would be a shock as we probably haven’t got a clue as to how to handle her.

Still a proud owner of 2 bottom teeth, Squirt doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to expand his vocabulary beyond “Mama”, “Papa” and a set of cavemen language. He is still quite adventurous with food and is very willing to try the food on our plates; always a joy to watch.

Recently, he discovered the fun of spinning himself around in circles and then stands still while trying to maintain his balance. Quite a delight to watch him laugh at himself after every attempt and seeing him wobble happily around like a drunkard. He loves his stuffed toys and can’t get enough of the remote control.

Squirt having a little conversation with Tom the Tiger
He could be distracted with something else, but his hands are glued to the remote – and don’t you dare try to pry if off him!

Our home has never been noisier with kids screaming to test their vocal abilities in their highest frequency or us trying to outshout them as we tell them to stop torturing the cats while they are at it, and our living room has never been filthier with bits of stale food on the floor at any time of the day or toys strewn around everywhere. Yet, despite so much chaos, our home has never been filled with so much laughter. (I still am contemplating on taking his savings to cover my repair cost. Hmmph!)

Things could only get better from here on. And I think he looks better with a crew-cut. (Ok. ONE more broken item, and I might just take it from his savings!) 

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  1. Silver bullet

    That’s not a remote, that’s the phone :p.


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