August 25, 2010


This is just annoying. Do you know that despite the fact that one of the parents is already a Singaporean and in order to apply for a Singapore passport for newborns who are born outside of Singapore, the (parents of)child  has to first apply for a Singapore Citizenship which may take 3-6 months to process BEFORE one can apply for the passport proper?

What happen to granting an automatic citizenship by descent because the  mother is already a Singaporean? Talk about inconvenience by bureaucracy!

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  1. Vicky

    Huh … not Dutch national?

  2. Of course! A case of kiasuism! 😀

  3. Kim

    I don’t understand lei. Aren’t infants’ “passport” to travel, tagged to their mother’s?

    Meaning what? If Spud does not have Singapore citizenship, she can not travel ah?

  4. @ Kim: Am not sure of the “tagging” thing. But, we wanted an independent passport for Spud cos there might be complications later. for eg. if somehow she needs to travel with the Dad w/o me for some reason.

    If no passport, how to travel? That goes for Dutch as well. She is already considered a Dutch citizen so only need ot get passport. But, for SG, if no Singapore CITIZENSHIP 9which u need ot apply for first coz she wasnt born in SG), no get passport!


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