September 21, 2010

Baby Talk

Category: Baby Milestones

Here’s a question: Why do people tend to see the need to change the tone of their otherwise normal voices to that of an annoying high-pitched one, with pronunciation of words that makes absolutely no sense whenever they try to talk or entertain a baby?

Apparently, there are some who think it is absolutely necessary to do that. These people drive me insane!

It’s also as if they have forgotten how to speak properly in order to communicate to a little person who has yet to understand anything. And no, I don’t think they understand your mispronounced words or why your voice has to be so shrill-sounding. While baby language is to a certain extend tolerable, in my mind, there is absolutely no need to change the tone to the highest octave that could be hazardous to the eardrums!

Seriously, speak normally to a child. I guess it usually comes with a gentler tone, but not to the extend of transforming the pitch of your voices completely or even mispronounced words all the time. God forbid the kid would not understand what you are trying to  say if your pitch ain’t any higher; or that the kid will actually learn to speak properly later in life!

These annoying high pitched voices and purposely mispronouncing words such that they somehow emulate what babies say when talking to babies is really one of my pet peeves. I really want to crawl out of my skin when I hear anyone do that. And then I really do want to slap them purple.

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  1. Kim

    Who’s guilty? I smell a few annoying situations behind this post…

    Share lei!

  2. uh huh!!!! a few is an understatement…


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