July 2, 2010

An unusual morning call

Category: Thaism

At about 11 am this morning, I got a rather strange phone call from the Building manager of our apartment building. As soon as I picked up the call, Ms Building Manager asked me if we have 2 or 3 cats at home this morning. I thought the question sounded a little strange since I thought she is very aware of the number of cats we have running around, and she likes all of them.

At the same time, I immediately went “uh-oh!” in my head as I thought they might, all of a sudden, going to be making a racket for us keeping cats in the apartment building as pets are generally not allowed. So far, they have been kind enough to turn a blind eye on the first cat…then came #2 a year later, followed by the latest addition of #3 last year in a hush-hush manner…

I thought she sounded a little frantic at the end of the line when she asked me if we have 2 or 3 cats. She quickly went on to say that she couldn’t find one of the cats as they were about to do some pest control in our apartment. T hey looked everywhere and they were not too happy when they could not find the 3rd one. I had to laugh and told her that yes, as of this morning, there were still 3 of them when we left the house. It could also be that one of them could have been accidentally locked in one of the cupboards as they have a habit of sneaking in when you try to retrieve clothes to get dressed. At this point, I started wondering who the culprit was…it should either be Fudge or Andy. While I wasn’t too worried, I called Silver Bullet to just double-check with him if he saw 3 cats, as I was sure I did and told him the story. We had a good laugh about that phone call for that one cat that went missing!

20 minutes later, I got another call from Ms Building Manager telling me she found one of them who decided to make herself inconspicuous by hiding behind one of the curtains. It was Andy.

What a story for a hearty laugh at 11 am in the morning while I was in a middle of a meeting. On the hind sight, happy to also know that the people in our apartment care! It really is not every day you get a service like this here in Bangkok.

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