September 26, 2010

A Red Packet

Category: Baby Milestones

Another week. Another gift pack. Along with another handwritten paper card, no less. It almost seemed like Christmas came early!

This time, it came all the way from Cali, USA. I was a little puzzled at first as I don’t think we know of anyone from there who’d care to send us a package. It turned out that the sender is actually a very good friend of Silver Bullet’s mom who took the trouble to send us these swanky gifts for Spud. This is despite the fact that neither Silver Bullet nor (let alone!) me knew the sender personally. I must say that we’ve been pleasantly surprised as there can never be too many gifts!

By now we must have received gifts from 3 different c.o.n.t.i.n.e.n.t.s! What is interesting for me is that I really have no idea that Spud’s arrival caused quite a ‘stir’. I’m in awe, knowing that somehow, we managed to get a lot more people excited on Spud’s arrival more than us ourselves! I reckon, unlike me, people in general love shopping and there is a lot more to be excited about for a baby girl. 

Truth be told, we have been clueless when it comes to shopping for baby’s clothes. There were times when we walked into a shopping mall intending to get some clothes and came out with nothing because we just don’t know what to get! I’m such a bad mom that I’d just be dressing Spud in a onesie or just singlet and diaper day-in, day-out given the choice (or lack of). After all, my (warp) logic is, she’s just a baby and does not know any better. In all honesty, I’m glad that other people have done the shopping for us. Right now, we definitely have A LOT of variety! Hooray for Spud!

One thing that stood out from this very package though was the swimsuit assemble. Now, THAT is definitely one thing we have not gotten before and one thing which we have not thought about. The swimsuit really is brilliant!

We may not know or meet the sender in person just yet, but I think we like the sender already. ;p

I guess, there can never be too many clothes for this little shaolin. Thank you!

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