May 1, 2014

23 months

With Squirt being just one month short of being a two year old, we now can have proper ”conversations” with our cheerful, bumbling toddler. For real.

The way he speaks still sounds like a mambo-jumbo of incoherent words, but increasingly we discovered that we could actually make out what he says. And when we DO get him, he would flash us with smiles to let us know that he is so very pleased that we understood what he said. Sometimes, we even get a back-translation from Spud as to what he was trying to communicate!

His two front bottom teeth finally has had some company with the long-awaited appearance of 1.5 more teeth in the recent weeks. His molars have sprouted, and chewing has become a lot easier for this late teeth-bloomer. However, feeding has become more of a chore as he is showing signs that he does not quite like to chew food that was prepared for his lunch and dinner, and preferring the more liquid ones. Funnily enough, when it comes to cookies, corns and grapes, he would pop them into his mouth and happily chew them away. It seems like 23-26 months would be the age where feeding would become increasingly difficult; much like what happened with Spud. Fun times ahead.

At 23 months, Squirt still has yet to be enrolled in school – a little late as compared to his big sister who got enrolled at 20 months, mainly out of necessity more than anything. I’m expecting that he’d be crying buckets on his first day in school!

This little boy loves cars, buttons and anything with wheels so that he can push or pull them along. Sometimes, getting him off those things can be a really tiring experience. But, Squirt’s frame more than make up for all those tiring experience. He is really huggable and I cannot get nearly enough hugs and cuddly time with him. Terrible-Two tantrums aside, he really is like our mini live teddy bear!


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  1. Deer

    I wanna hug him too!
    Your writing makes me actually see Spud and Squirt in front of my eyes.


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