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Best cupcakes in town: Cupcake Love

Much has been debated about the best cupcakes in town. Finding a really good one is almost close to impossible, especially so for me who is generally not a big cupcake fan. Not that good cupcakes don’t

Snuggle up!

When the cats cuddle or start mirroring their cat-buddy, we humans watch, gawk and go awwwww….. Cutest thing ever. Sight for sore eyes.  

Quote of the Day

Taken from one of my favourite website on quotes, here’s something to ponder about:

A taste of Home: A Singaporean’s Rendition of Mee Rebus

The Malay word “Mee Rebus” is literally translated as boiled noodles in English,  but it is hardly just any noodles as the name suggests. It actually is a dish comprising of yellow egg noodles submerged in thick,

The one with the bands

While cleaning out the mess in one of the cupboards filled with junk and bags after bags of educational materials which the kids have brought home from their several semesters in school, Silver Bullet fished out these: