Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Family vacation

Once upon a recent-time, I loudly and boldly declared that there was no way in hell I would ever want to travel with our two young kids.  (Round about 3 months ago, I had “that phase feeling”

Life to Her Years

There is so much warmth to this post from Life to Her Years Public displays of affection (PDA) between parents are not the most common thing to do within the Asian culture. When I was growing up,

Eavesdropping Spud

Spud was due for another vaccination some time last month, and after the deed (which she cried really hard the moment the poke her with the needle), I thought I’d indulge her with us having dinner outside

Rock stars

It’s official – as a mother, screaming is part of the job. And that makes me a Rock Star!

Latte Art

The art of creating a “simple drawing or design” on the surface of a cup of latte is a very under-appreciated and underestimated one, in my opinion. I have seen several baristas attempting the latte art, and