Monthly Archive:: March 2012

Kidnapping in Singapore

When I read this article on the recent attempted abduction of kids, I find it hard to believe that such things are actually happening in Singapore. I mean, I grew up in Singapore. The clinically clean, harsh

Indulgence of the week

.Freshly-made waffle cone. .Crushed up Oreo cookies. .Mixed in with creamy Mint Ice-Cream.  This is just the perfect recipe to cool you down in the sweltering Bangkok heat. That first bite into the icy-cool creamy, minty ice-cream

Tail-gating woes

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a salesperson at a department store (or any stores for that matter) decided that the only way to make him/herself helpful is by tailgating right behind me, a few

Quote of the day

Here is me sharing a little wisdom imparted to me just a few days ago: “Never bow to injustice in work or in life.” There is a deeper meaning to these words. Profound and inspiring in its

Steak for dinner

Our simple dinner as a result of a combined effort of Silver Bullet and me consisting of oven-roasted vegetables (my doing), pan-grilled beef steak (Silver Bullet’s doing) topped with a little home-made steak sauce (mine!). It was