Monthly Archive:: February 2011

Quote of the day: Missing "S"-es

This page was taken off my notebook which  I use only for work, and was given free to me by one of the largest telco provider in this country: I just got to this page only recently and

Hyper babies

Two hyper babies maketh two sets of tired parents! It was, nevertheless, quite exhilarating to watch these 2 babies “interact” with each other when we met up with some friends last week. Both babies started to bounce

Friday Yoga

A public holiday which fell on a Friday last week was a very welcome break. I was all too happy as I was then able to go a session of “Mommy and Me” yoga class – something

Finger Food

We were just trying out introducing baby finger food to Spud a couple of weeks ago to see how she takes to them. With google search and a weaning book as our bible, we picked out 3

The closet bully

It’s official. Donut is a closet bully in our family! Funny that while we have speculated on this notion for a while, we could confirm this discover only recently when he started to show who is boss.