Monthly Archive:: April 2010


I’ve only just discovered that I’ve grown myself a whiskered bonsai. How funny looking is this? Yep! Indeed it is that same bonsai I raved about a month ago or so. Strange that it’s growing sideways on both ends, and each


This one cracks me up big time!

Bali Grand Finale

We do what we do best on our last night in Seminyak: You have no idea how happy we were when we found out that they also have a Sederhana lurkign around somewhere nearer to the airport.

Bali Day 14 onwards: Seminyak

I love Seminyak! It was such a welcome break after 2 weeks of full-on itinerary in having to do something and be somewhere to get to some place. It was such an absolute bliss to have no

Bali Day 10-13: Lovina|Candidasa

Lovina is essentially about 3 hour drive from Ubud and in truth, we did not know what to expect. The scenery enroute Lovina however, was pretty amazing with signts of mountain ranges, rice field terraces, lakes, mountain