Monthly Archive:: January 2010

Friday Skyline @ 3:30pm

The skyline in the late afternoon today as I peered out of one of the office windows: It is strange to be raining in Bangkok at this time of the year. It definitely is looking like we


This must have been one of the slowest weeks ever. Even though work got me pretty busy during the 1st half of the week, it somehow felt like the days just CRAWLED. Everything that happened in the

Muse! Muse! Muse!

Bwahhahhahahhahahhahhahah! I can’t hardly keep my excitement anymore; not when I found out about this just about half hour ago. The timing too is just too perfect. So much so that I bought the tickets online immediately!

Seafood Sambal

Looking through the freezer, I realised that I still have a bunch of frozen, but still fresh portion of prawns and squids waiting to be savoured. Armed with simple ingredients, I decided to go on a seafood frenzy

Natural Type

This is essentially a statement I received from my bank here in Thailand. As I skimmed through the statement, something caught my eye… Now, I don’t know if it’s an actual and a true banking term that’s