December 7, 2011

16 months update

Spud’s exactly almost 1.5 years old today and, while it is a good 8 months away from that Terrible Two age, she has already exhibited some signs that she is ready to take on the world — which essentially is us, her parents!

Last weekend for instance, she has been nothing but defiant. Apart from more teething (all of the molars are starting to pop now) which could have contributed to her shabby mood, she has been throwing temper tantrums, whining and whinging away, saying “No” (in context) to just about everything or refusing to do as she was told. When she did not get her way, she screams her head off as if she has just been tortured by the evil witches.

Looking at it, I cannot believe that these temperaments are coming from a one and half year old toddler!

Given my (lack of) patience these days, and the sheer fact of how much I hate, hate, hate whiners – adults, kids and cats alike, it just makes me want to yell at the top of my lungs while screaming my own head off with a “Shut the f&%## up!”

That being said, I am also extremely petrified of me that I would not be able to cope as Spud continues to stretch her boundaries and push her limits.

It is times like those when I do look forward to Mondays and going back to work in my even-crazier office. Times like those when I am convinced that I could never be a full-time mother ever. Times like those when I question my ability to ever be able to flourish as a good parent.

In trying to discipline Spud, I sorely need to remind myself that the best discipline tool I can have to help with her development will be my own self-discipline. That means, I need to keep calm when Spud acts up, and keeping my own frustrations in check. (Very, extremely hard, mind you!)

And I need to remember that Spud is just a kid trying to learn her way of being and gain her independence. All she needs at this stage is for her crazy, stressed-out mother not to act up when she does. After all, a mother knows how to handle everything right? (Or, in my case, if all else fails, at least just pretend that I know how to handle everything and be the one IN control!)

But all those frustrations and my whining aside of how terribly terrible Spud has been, each day I remind myself to count my blessings for Spud being healthy and normal (although I still sometimes wonder, because she is so hyper-active!).

Her nasty temper tantrums aside, l do feel like this is probably one of the most joyful time to be with her. While we consider her a rather late-bloomer in learning how to wave bye (she mastered the wave at 15+ months when most babies are already able to do that at 1 year old), she certainly is interacting better with us.

She waves her byes in her little funny waves, and I just love to hear her voice when she says “bye”. She sorts of drags it (byyyyyyyeeeee) and she says it in a sing-song, but soft tone, a tone that makes my heart melt.

She is now almost conditioned to say bye whenever she sees us leave for work, or if someone says bye to her or when we put her to bed. She also says it when she has enough of something (usually prolonged kisses!) which usually comes with “OK” and then followed by a long and draggy bye. A tone which sounded as if she is chasing us away!

It also has been quite endearing to hear her say “more” when she wants more of something that she likes. When it comes to food, let me tell you I cannot be happier when she starts mouthing off “more, more”; and that is not very often!

My favourite moment of the day is still seeing Spud darting and crashing towards me as she flashes her brilliant smile to me the moment I walk through the door when I come home from work. I look forward to getting such a welcome every day, and it makes me forget all the crap I have to deal at work, especially when I have a bad day.

Experiencing Spud like that is just so exquisite.

Our little imp is growing up. And little Spud, has indeed, single-handedly changed our outlook of life. It is hard to believe that 1.5 years has passed us by just like that…

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  1. Silver Bullet

    It’s not yet 1,5 years, that would be at 18 months…

  2. I realised after the post went up!!! For some reason I had 16 mths = 1.5years in my head the whole time. Not sure why!

  3. Lovely post.
    Always nice to hear another mum having “love-hate” moments and not just “awwww…..” all the time.
    Know what I mean ;-P

  4. Thank you rach! 🙂

    I certainly know what you mean; “awwwing” all the time is probably the last thing I would do – besides Spud’s really no angel to awww about all the time. Maekes me wonder how patient other mothers can be with their kids, because I just can’t sometimes! :p


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