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Fabulous Friday Flavour: Curry Marinated Chicken in Mustard-Paprika-Coconut Milk Sauce

The cook in me craved for a home-cooked meal especially since I’ve had a cooking hiatus more than 2(!) weeks before we settled into our new home. Unless on vacation, it has never been that long.  Armed with a small

Monthly Mystery Munchies #3 with Gen

In the mood for some curry this weekend? Then you have to, HAVE to check out Gen’s Lamb Saag and Aloo Curry winning creation which she made in response to this month’s Monthly Mystery Munchies Challenge. Along

Monthly Mystery Munchies #1: Real Cheesy Cottage Cheese Enchilada

It’s Friday!  And it is a very special Friday as it marks my very project to collaborate with a fellow blogger and food enthusiast, Gen. She was game to buddy-up with me on this one where we will each

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Tri-Colour Rottini Alfredo

A dollop of butter, creamy cream and parmesan cheese on your pasta…bubbling away on a pan…smell that aroma filling up the house…  what’s there not to like? Mix and match that with your choice of vegetables and

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Beef in Black Sauce (Daging Masak Kicap)

A Singaporean (or, I believe Malaysian) –  Malay kitchen would not be complete without a bottle of this: This may be alien outside a typical Singapore-Malay home, but this bottle of sweet black sauce (most commonly known