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No More Monkey Business

The Year of the Fire Monkey has officially come to a close today with the arrival of a fresh new year in accordance to the Lunar calendar. On 28th January 2017, this brings us to the Year

Which Comes First? The Chicken or The Egg?

Here’s what I think: Screw that chicken-egg question. Instead, try asking: How can a chicken be made outside of an (egg) shell? Huh?! You must be thinking that I have completely lost my marbles. But before you judge,

Fun Fact: Natural Bronchodilator

Did you know…   Source: FB Newsfeed   This post is also written in response to Stomper Dad’s Taboo Challenge without the word  β€œhe” for today’s post. What are you waiting for?  Join in the fun and add

Fun Fact: On Saturn

Here’s a very interesting information I got from my Facebook feed not too long ago: Source: Facebook Newsfeed Isn’t that just super-dooper amazing! I almost wish Saturn is THAT close to Earth. My sky gazing nights would


It’s been a slow ride, but as of yesterday, Grubbs ‘n Critters has officially hit the 100 WP followers mark; with Andrew, author of Great Thoughts being the latest and 100th follower of my blog! Whatever made