Monthly Archive:: November 2016

Awardsgasm: The Mystery Blogger and Black Cat, Blue Sea Awards

High-five! Pat on the back! Nod of the head! You see, award nominations cannot be more incredible especially since it came from one of my most favourite bloggers: Eric aka Stomper Dad. Mind you, it was not

Sunday Humour: Life Hacks

T.H.I.S. is grrreeaaaaat parenting:   Source: Google Image   I wish I had thought of this sooner. That’d save us a whole lot of screaming shushing and temper flares while on the road. Watch out kids! *evil

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Marbled Blueberry Soft Cheesecake

My new-found love for making Japanese Cheesecake pushed my curiosity further to make the cheesecake a little colourful and with a variation of flavour. But I did not want to stop there. How could I when I

Decoding The Confusing Cultural Identity Crisis

Ask the kids where they are from and they would say “Thailand”. By virtue of that, they (me included) would immediately be labelled as being Thais. Then comes the question of where the kids were born and the

Take Me To Church

It’s not a cry for help and no one is taking me to church, believe me. Not literally. But I do want to take you to my moments where from the very first time I heard this