Monthly Archive:: July 2014

Ingredients of Love

There are sometimes the little, random things which you encounter in your everyday life that although it may seem insignificant, it somehow draws you in and nudges your day with a little smile on our face. My

Black Ankle Strap Shoes

The open black ankle strap shoes has recently made its way to my mostly-wedged shoe collection – albeit by accident. You see, one of the worst and most inconvenient thing to happen to you was when you

Buttered Tomato Rice

My recent creation of a meal repertoire for the family and toddler-friendly food is the tomato-based rice. I have adapted the recipe from various sources I found on the web,  gave it a little twist of my

Eavesdropping Spud

One Sunday afternoon, as we lounged around at home with no imminent plans for the afternoon, the following conversation took place: Spud: Mama, can I have chocolate? Me: Ask Papa Spud (pondering): Papa says to ask you

An Outspiration Afternoon: Pulau Ubin

The need for me to travel for work seems to have intensified in the recent months and last week,  I was required to fly back to Singapore for a 2.5 days work conference on an almost last minute