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Eavesdropping Spud

As willful and defiant as my daughter can sometimes be, there certainly are many things about her that makes me smile, particularly of the things she said. I’ve started capturing the little random things she blurted out

Bigger devices

My banks in Singapore sent me their new online security devices. You know, that device that generates a new code every time you want to log in online to do internet banking for added security?  I don’t

Related randomness

Yesterday, a scheduled post on “Of garbage trucks and traffic” was up sometime in the afternoon. I wrote that post a few days prior not as a rant, but from a perspective of a concerned parent on

Of garbage trucks and traffic

In any other (civilized) country, I would think that a dump truck would have more sense to do its round at a certain time of the day when the streets are not busy with traffic. Or at

Sleep training Squirt

[Warning: a lengthy blog post]   Sometime towards the end of November last year, we decided that it was time to move Squirt into his own bedroom. He was just short of a few days before turning