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Food for thought

The irony of it all…

The truth about nursing

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing in the world. I guess that statement is as true as saying that red roses are the most beautiful flowers there is in the world. Subjective? Exactly my point! And I

Rock Buns

My first memory of making my first rock buns dated back to more than 15 years ago at Home Economic class in my secondary school years – a subject I was not too keen to do at


Only a nursing mother can understand how this feels… If you don’t already know, breast milk is precious, and, handling pumped breast milk in a bottle is not for those with butter fingers!

The one with a busted head

My husband had to get his head examined over the weekend. Really. While our home is pretty much child proof, the kitchen while is separated by a safety gate, isn’t. And while the corners of both the