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From the soapberry family

Look what just made an appearance not too long ago! Lychees, or otherwise known as Litchi chinensis, can be quite a hit and miss in this country – it is not always the case that you can

The 1st Curveball: Silent Reflux

3 words to describe our week: Manic.Manic. Manic. I wish I could say that all has been fine and dandy; and that whatever trick that Squirt’s gonna pull, we’ll be more prepared to handle the situation better

Gastro Divinity

When (my) Mom hit the kitchen, this is the spread we get for one of our home-cooked meals! Fried Fish + Fried Chicken + Egg Omelette + Sambal + Coconut Rice = Nasi Lemak Such simple food,

Jumping tots!

I have been meaning to post this up for the longest time, but for some reason, blogger did not allow me to do it. So I tried my luck again after numerous attempts (in a span of

Getting an Amnio

When I was about 16 weeks pregnant with Squirt, the results from one of the routine blood test had immediately put me in a high-risk group of having a baby with Down syndrome. The odds that was