Monthly Archive:: November 2011

A much overdue afternoon nap

I don’t know how long it has been, but it must have been at least 16 months I last since had an almost 1.5 hours nap. Yes – a nap. On a weekend. On a Sunday afternoon. During

Saturday night scare

Like any other nights, Spud goes down for the day by 6.30pm. Like any other normal nights, Spud goes down without a fight with the usual bedtime routine we have for her. And like any other nights,

Flooding Update 0.0

While some parts are still affected by the flood (one of my colleagues is still not able to go back to her home in Rangsit), the inner Bangkok did not even see a trickle of flood water

Wiggle Town

One of the things that I find lacking in Bangkok is the availability of some sort of a dedicated play-center for babies and younger toddlers. By this I mean some sort of a center that also caters

Last "food fight"?

We cracked something new recently with Spud following a gentle tip from our Nanny on how to have a relatively peaceful feeding Spud session. And that is by blasting children’s music consisting of “The Wheel on the