Monthly Archive:: March 2011


A week on after her bouts of cold, and despite her still snotty nose, little Spud’s all raring to go! She is a ball of energy and constantly looking for play. She likes mucking about, rolling all

Cloth Diapering: Starting Out

If like me, you are clueless about cloth diapering and how many to start with, this post might be able to give you an idea of the quantity you may need. For full-time diapering, and IF you

Chilly Bangkok

Two weeks on and the weather in Bangkok has remained rather chilly still! These past few days, I have been coming home to a cool 23°C as registered by the temperature on our tower fan – and this is

Sick Spud

Spud got a little under the weather recently when I was out of town for a short weekend trip back in Singapore just a couple of weeks ago. It came out of nowhere, really and I reckon,

Girly Stuff

This is about as girly as I can get… All in, it took me no more than 2 hours to get my manicure, pedicure AND a foot massage done all at the same time. For me, that