Monthly Archive:: January 2011

2 year-old candy

Like a hamster, Silver Bullet loves hoarding his food, and as a result we hardly would ever run out of food or snacks and such whenever we feel like doubling up our waistlines. Not surprisingly, sometimes, we do

Open-door policy

The cats are a happy bunch again since we re-introduced the “open-door policy” to our bedroom when Spud began sleeping in her own room. They don’t seem too bothered that they have been banished from Spud’s room,

Bad mom no more

A colleague of mine has kindly MMS me a picture she has taken of Spud when we attended her birthday brunch a few weeks ago. She thought it was the cutest picture ever. All this stemmed out from

Uproar in SG

I’m a few days late behind this one, but I reckon the recent news of LKY urging Muslims to be “less strict” may have caused quite a bit of an uproar within the local communities. When I

I am a bad mom

I am probably not the most baby-crazy mom I know. That being said, I am simply not the kind of person to rave about my baby, offering to show everyone her pictures or volunteer information about me