Monthly Archive:: November 2010

Broken Sleeps

“Things are going to get better, and they will usually start sleeping through the nights after 3 months” Or so they say. And bollocks! I’d say, with “after 3 months” being the operative words here. It has

The things I do these days

Pumping is my ritual. It is not just a commitment; it is sheer hard work which has to be accommodated into your daily life if an inexpensive and a healthy supply of nourishment is what you are

It’s back!

Yes, my friends. That elusive Peppermint Mocha has finally re-appeared after 2 years of hiatus from the market. It was such a great beverage that I was surprised, not to mention very disappointed when they took the beverage

Sit & Grab

Spud has been busy learning new tricks to amuse us parents in the recent weeks! These days, she has been able to lift herself up to a sitting position, and then pull herself up to stand on

The one with expressed milk

Sometimes I feel like a cow which has its udders perpetually strapped to a milking machine. You see, pumping (breast milk) has become an absolute necessity for me now that I am back to work. It is,