Monthly Archive:: July 2009

What a nutter!

Despite having 3 cats of our own, both me and Silver Bullet have found great pleasure and laughing ourselves crazy when we discovered this absolute nutter. This cat must really be Youtube’s favourite cat! You gotta watch

Sneezes in symphony

It does appear as if the flu and cold bouts are just about looming. Both Silver Bullet and me have been sneezing on & off in the last week or so, attributing it to allergies. Today, I

Yes To a 4-day work week!

Weekends are just too short! Where did all the time go…tsk tsk tsk. Whoever created the 7-day week eons ago had it all wrong. Why can’t it be an 8-day week with 3 days of weekend. Why


Everyone knows about “rubber timing” here, mainly because of traffic issues. Granted, they can be quite bad and everyone use that as an excuse really comfortably. W.I.T.H.O.U.T R.E.M.O.R.S.E. It happens all the time for almost every appointments

Food Issues

So many restaurants and nothing to eat! How sad is that? And this is at Central World Plaza, apparently the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok. It is even reputed to be one of the largest shopping complex