Monthly Archive:: April 2009

MSN Chat Hijack

BE VERY AWARE. Someone can hijack your MSN chat and take your identity to fool everyone in your contact list! Silver Bullet experienced this first hand yesterday night where an “old friend” started to chat with him

Attitudinous Motor-bike Taxi

Witnessed a not-so-pleasant incident this morning on my way to work at my office lobby. It seemed like a motor-bike taxi has erroneously brought his pillion passenger to the wrong venue. The pillion, quite a big Arab

Tanzania: Wrap-Up and Tips

A week! That’s enough time taken to tell a story of our little Tanzania trip and uploading some photos along the way. I was beginning to wonder when it will end. Silver Bullet is still in the

Tanzania: Random Images

Just random pictures in no particular order which I thought were pretty cool or just funny. A painting at Zanzibar Coffee shop A snack packet from Precision Air Funny Money worth about USD 150 (~300,000 TZ Shillings)

Tanzania Day 13 onwards: The Last Leg

The very first day of our vacation where we don’t have to be on the clock. For us, this is not normal at all; but tolerated it nonetheless, given the fact that safaris are usually scheduled itinerary.