Monthly Archive:: December 2008

One for the road

No postings from me for the next few days as we are out of town. Meantime, happy holidays and have a merry celebration into the New Year. Happy New Year everyone and be safe! See you all


… with gravy and mashed taters are really simple to make and does not require a lot of time. Here’s my version of meatballs with a little improvisation to give a little oomph! to the taste.  

Hard Talk

BBC Hardtalk’s presenter, Stephen Sackur rates really high in my list. He is a very skillful interviewer and in my mind, his interviews borders on unrelenting, guttural interrogations. Having followed Hard Talk for a while now, I

Genghis Khan

After watching Mongul, the Japan-Mongolian co-production epic feature of ‘Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea’ royally sucked in my opinion. It was a little draggy and was dramatized a bit too much. Felt

Gone off the shelves again!

I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy against me and all the things I like. They recently took Sprite Zero and my favourite Fisher Cheeseballs off the shelves! The moment I become a regular buyer of a particular product