November 28, 2010

The things I do these days

Category: Baby Milestones

Pumping is my ritual. It is not just a commitment; it is sheer hard work which has to be accommodated into your daily life if an inexpensive and a healthy supply of nourishment is what you are after. It is a routine and I pump at least 4x a day while in the office.

Having to pump outside of home also means that I have to carry an extra load with me all the time. I HAVE to lug my pump everywhere I go these days. In fact, I need to carry 3 freaking bags when I go to the office – my handbag, my laptop bag and my breast pump bag.


They not only put a toll on my shoulders, those 3 bags; they also make me look like a weirdo. Seriously, who carries 3 different types of bags to the office and then shuttle to and (sometimes) from work on foot?

I’m refusing to work any later than necessary these days, trying my darnest to get home before Spud’s bedtime. Hence, I would absolutely hate it if I have to walk home lugging my 3 bags just because traffic isn’t going anywhere. If I get stuck in traffic while trying to get home, chances are, I will not see Spud till the next day. And I will be pretty bummed by it.

So, I try to get home in time and the only way for that to happen is for me to sometimes walk home when traffic becomes a standstill. It is, however, an extremely daunting task to go on foot, especially so in the evenings because that’s when the little tote-pump-bag gets heavier, as the cooler bag is filled up with sachets of expressed milk.

But I still try, by stumbling on home with those bags weighing on my shoulders, and panting away looking like a complete idiot, along with my sweaty no-make-up face and untrimmed hair all over the place to complete the picture, while cussing at traffic for blocking my way, as well as feeling annoyed at myself for not being able to walk any faster. Not the most glam sight!

How things have changed! It is not very often that I would go to great lengths such as this, you know. I mean, the pumping, the cleaning, the sterilizing, the storing, the lugging of extra weight…oh man!.

The things Spud made me do these days! And all that just for an endearing sight like this when I walk through the door; making all that effort all worth it.

(Yes, she can now stand with her feet flat on the floor for up to a minute if she’s being supported!)

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