November 30, 2010

Broken Sleeps

Category: Baby Milestones
“Things are going to get better, and they will usually start sleeping through the nights after 3 months”
Or so they say. And bollocks! I’d say, with “after 3 months” being the operative words here.

It has now been more than 3 months and I have been praying and hoping and wishing that one fine night, Spud will magically begin to sleep through the night. Not for just one intermittent night when she thinks she feels like it, but every.single.night. whether.

I was extremely hopeful that it should have happened already as Spud has been a rather ok night-sleeper since she was 2 weeks old; waking up, at most twice a night for a feed. For some reason though, she seems to be going in reverse at the 3 month mark.

In the last few weeks, she has mastered the art of giving us night after night after night of broken sleeps. Suddenly we are getting up every couple of hours again as she yelps, fusses and cry through the night. First it was the tummy ache, a result for not crapping for a few days; then came the diarrhea; then we thought she was teething and then it was something else. The point it, the assault to our much needed rest was relentless as we suffer from too many broken sleeps. I can tell that the lack of much needed, restful sleep has taken a toll on me.

The thing is, if Spud does not sleep well, neither do we! And, it’s not like she has a sense of whether it is a weekday or weekend, 4am or 6 am…

Funny thing is, even when she sleeps badly at night, she usually wakes up with a gargantuan smile in the morning. Call me crazy, but I do wonder if she is just taking the piss out of us. I mean, if I had not known any better that she’s just this tiny little baby with no sense of time, I could have sworn she did it on purpose just to torment us.

I have honestly been quite a wreck these days. The broken sleeps from Spud being a fuss-pot in the wee hours of the night at almost every hour are just not funny anymore. While it is frustrating and puzzling, I guess she must have her reasons for doing so. It does appear that she may just be practicing her new skills of being able to kick off the blanket, suck her fingers or rolling over or whatever skills that she wants to master at this stage. The only thing is, with every new skill that needs mastering, these broken sleeps could potentially last forever!

At the moment, my hope of Spud sleeping through the night looks bleak. I wonder how much longer this will last before I lose my mind. Perhaps, I should start embarking on some tough love!

The term “sleeping like a baby” is so misleading. I mean, Hello?! Have you seen how my baby sleep? Slap you purple!

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