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Greens for kids

Spud has never been too fond of her greens, but the two types of greens which she does eat and would willingly snack on them are peas and boiled green soybeans or otherwise known as Edamame. Source:

The one with pumped milk…

…has now officially retired. DONE. FINITO. NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE. (singing to the tune of Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack) So, yeah! As of mid-April 2013, almost 10.5 months since Squirt was

Making baby’s food

While I try not to pump breast milk in the toilet, I sometimes, very unfortunately, do have to make do with making my baby’s milk in a cubicle of a public err…rest room –  which mostly happens

Counting down…(it’s over rated)

3 or 4 more months from now, I’ll be one hell of a free woman.  I cannot wait to say bye-bye to pumping. And in my head, I am singing, “When I stopped pumping…it will be forever…”

Spud on sugar high

Sudden toddler’s temper tantrums and sugar intake a myth? I’m not so sure. For, if there ever was any doubt on the correlation of sugar to a child’s meltdown on my part before, it has all disappeared