November 19, 2012

Making baby’s food

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While I try not to pump breast milk in the toilet, I sometimes, very unfortunately, do have to make do with making my baby’s milk in a cubicle of a public err…rest room –  which mostly happens when I’m out and about and especially when I have to be at my client’s place.

Not the bestest of places, I know, but in my effort to provide food for my baby, I try my very best to keep everything as hygienic as I can. The thing is, when I have to pump, I have to pump – there is no question about it. Besides, I only need 10 minutes, and in all fairness, it is of no one’s business what I do in the privacy of the bathroom!

Having to pump in a public toilet is bad enough. And having to deal with a nosey, ignorant person who intrudes on my privacy while I am sitting on a closed lid toilet bowl as I pump is even worse.

So, when I was rudely interrupted by the cleaning lady while I was at a client’s place recently while I was pumping in one of the stalls of the toilets, I was none too pleased. Granted my pump unit does make some funky noises, but trust me on this –  there is no need to panic by asking me several times to open the door even after I “mai pen rai, mai mi pan ha” her repeatedly. (Literally translated as never mind, no problem)

After a minute waiting right outside my closed cubicle door and calling out to me several times, the ignorant twat still would just not leave me alone. I got so pissed that I opened the door angrily with the pumps still stuck to my breasts as the pump unit was still buzzing away, raised my voice at her with a “WHAT!”, and showed her what I was doing right at that time while I was still seated on the toilet seat with one foot holding on to the door.

A charming sight I bet, and only after she saw what she saw did she walk away. There were no apologies, instead, she just mouthed an, “oh…”

“Oh!” My ass. WTF! Was I embarrased? Nahh…far from it.Since becoming a mother, the term embarrassing has lost all meaning. All dignity has been pretty much stripped away the moment the baby left my womb. So forget about feeling embarrassed, I just was royally annoyed. Annoyed at the unnecessary intrusion that even in the privacy of a public restroom, she would not let up and leave me alone.

She never did come back after that. And, as I finished up my pumping business, I was somewhat comforted by the fact that perhaps, to make up for all the inconveniences which she caused me, she had probably seen the scariest sight of her life.

Image from Google

This is such an undignified sight, isn’t it. Perhaps, that will teach her to never, ever intrude on anyone’s privacy again when she hears any funky noise in the bathroom.

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