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The Lonely Snowman

  The Painting from Squirt: “A lonely snowman. He cannot find anybody to play with” Squirt’s Painting Or as it is stated in Dutch there: Het schilderij van (Squirt). Er staat een enzame sneeuwpop. Hij kan nieman vinden om

When Words and Will Collide

Overheard: Spud, in a very firm tone, telling off her 4.5 year-old brother: Squirt, clean this up. Or I will not play with you or give you my candy. Squirt: No. Spud (now in a high-pitched tone):

Sunday Humour: How To Put A Baby To Sleep

Any new parent would know how difficult it is to sleep train your baby; that is if you condone it at all. I’m a huge advocate for it and of all the sleep training we have embarked

Sunday Humour: Blame it on the Kids

This is the perpetual state we are in week after week after week: Source:Google Image Because kids bring such joy to our lives. Screw the cleaning; at least we kept the kids alive!  There was a reason

How a 4 Year-Old Successfully Emo-Blackmailed His Mother

The art of parenting comes with the ability to dish out creative punishments consequences so as to help us parents impose discipline that teaches our kids to be responsible and accountable for their actions.  Consequences in itself

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