May 24, 2017

It’s a Mad World

There is just no words. No words to say…

What happened in Manchester yesterday was just horrifying. The attack, a cowardly one. I’m sad, I’m angry and I’m disgusted. It’s appalling and I don’t understand how such a young suicide bomber could bring himself to do the things he did.

The news of the attack hit me right through my gut. I! Children! There were lots of children there…innocent, young lives who just wanted to go to a concert and experience a little bit of fun. Those who perished did not deserve death. Absolutely not!

As I read and watched the news, tears just ran down my face. It’s hard for parents…any parents to swallow this barbaric and selfish act. What has this world come to!

My heart goes out to the parents whom as of yesterday still have not heard from their kids nor have received any news of their kids’ whereabouts. My heart bleeds seeing the faces on the young kids who had been unfortunate enough to be at the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Source: The Sun UK

There is simply no words to express how I really feel. Rest in peace, angels. 

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  1. Kat

    It’s devastating to hear about the bombings, especially when it’s at a concert! The innocent lives that were ruined and will forever be haunted by this tragic accident. What’s worse is here at home (Philippines) stuff like this happen too. A group of armed terrorists attacked and terrorized a whole city. Plus, I’m seeing that there were bombings in Bangkok and Jakarta, too…..what is happening to the world? 🙁

    • The world has gone nuts with crazy people that should not even be apart of it. They all should be booted to outerspace in my opinion. I just read a few hours ago that the city of Philippines has also been attacked by IS militants! Such madness!!!

  2. So tragic and unfortunate. Why can’t we all just get along? What did he prove by doing this? Do they really think they’ll win people over to their side doing shit like this? Suicide is bad enough, but is it really necessary to take out innocent others? Sorry, so many questions. I, too am infuriated.

    • Questions that none of us sane and reasonable people can answer. There is just no excuses for such an act. When children are involved, it’s hard to lay it down to rest. This does not even include other countries (esp. Syria) where children are the most victimised. Our future generation would have a lot to deal with…

  3. It’s really sad and I have to say that I agree with what Trump has said: Don’t even call him a monster. He is a coward. This has nothing to do with an act of power. This is just being a coward. And the idea that he apparently claimed he had seen too many children being killed and therefor wanted to make the Western World feel the pain too is just so off. If you see a child die, if you lose a child and you are a normal human being then you do not wish this pain to anybody else in the world. The children are innocent. This is such a brutal act of stupidity. It’s not even a smart terror attack. The Trade Centers, that was a smart and really efficient terror attack hitting at the core. But this? Stupid! Cowardly! Nobody can see or celebrate him as a hero, no matter how crazy they are.

    • The scary thing is that we don’t know many of this radicalised cowards are out there…ready to strike as and when it suits his/her whims. No way they should be celebrated as a hero. :/


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